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What We Believe

What We Believe

Promoting Fun, Active Participation for All!
CIRA Ontario is an incorporated, non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage, promote and develop active living, healthy lifestyles and personal growth through intramural and recreational programs within the education and recreation communities.

CIRA Ontario Believes in:

  • Active Living
  • Fair Play
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Student Leadership
  • Opportunity For All
  • Fun

To meet its mission, CIRA Ontario's five objectives are:

  • To collect and distribute resource material on intramural/recreation programs
  • To increase the body of knowledge in relation to intramural/recreation programs
  • To cooperate and collaborate with allied organizations in health, physical education and recreation
  • To develop and encourage professional growth in the fields of recreation and intramurals
  • To encourage the development of student leaders

CIRA Ontario believes that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to participate in athletic and recreational activities, regardless of skill or fitness level.

CIRA Ontario believes that a well constructed intramural/recreation program will provide a wide range of activities that promote fun, fitness and cooperative participation in either a non-competitive or friendly competitive atmosphere.

The Association believes that Intramural/Recreation programs are an important and effective vehicle for developing active living within the education and recreation communities.

A well-rounded intramural program can provide the following benefits:

  • Increased participation levels
  • Increased awareness of the benefits of an active lifestyle
  • Development of leadership skills, including communication, organization and decision making
  • Physical skill development
  • Development of social skills resulting in cooperation and teamwork and an understanding of, and commitment to, fair play increased school spirit and enthusiasm.

Safe Participation:

We are committed to safe participation and are members of the OPHEA Safety Committee. For more information, read OPHEA's safety standards.