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Cone Knock Down

Game objective:

  • To knock down all the cones before the other team

Physical Literacy Skills:

  • Striking the ball, stepping (forward), target aim


  • Twenty plastic cones, 20 volleyballs, 2volleyball nets

Set up:

  • The object of the game is to finish knocking down all your cones before the opposing team
  • Scatter many cones around the volleyball court on the opposite sides of each net

How to play:

  • One player at a time on each team will underhand serve and aim to hit the cones, resulting in them falling over
  • Keep rotating through team members serving until all cones are knocked over
  • Once all the cones are knocked over, all team members must sit down


  • After three minutes, cones will be taken away, making less targets to hit (therefor accuracy and aim will be improved)

Questions for Understanding:

  • Did you just serve it over the net and hope that you hit a cone or did you use specific strategies, and if so what were they?
  • When serving the ball, did it work best to hit the ball harder or lighter if you were trying to hit specific cones?

Questions for after the variation:

  • What kinds of things did you have to change when you were serving this time?
  • Did you focus more on the way your body was positioned? What did that look like?

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