Given to an individual or organization who is not a member of CIRA Ontario but has made a positive contribution to the Association; has networked with CIRA Ontario for three or more years; and possesses a strong belief in intramural recreation and shows it through their actions.

This Year`s Winner:

This Years Winner is: Gopher Sport!

Pictured below: Shane Leverenz (Gopher Rep.) and John Byl (CIRA President)

Nomination Form

To nominate someone for the Honorary Award please download and submit the following nomination form:


2018:  Dave Shepherd
2017: Thompson Educational Publishing
2016: Gopher Sport
2015: Michelle Hillier & Amy Tepperman – GROOVE EDGEucation
2014: Paul Leskew, Rick Ramsay
2013: Lynn Campanella
2012: Nancy Gamble
2011: Leslie Scime
2009: Michelle Cundari
2007: Nestle Canada
2005: Andrea Gordon
2002: County of Lambton Community Health Services Department
2001: Alf Grigg
2000: OPHEA
1999: Dave Lane
1998: Jacque Riopelle
1997: Waterloo County Board of Education
1996: Mohawk College
1987: Art Salmon, Jim Scheidel, Fred Wannamaker, Meg Innes
Nov 1986: Jean Kennedy, Kent Smith, Marg Terrett, Sandy Henderson, Rob Stinson
Sept 1986: Rick Turnbull, Warren Campbell, Dave Copp
June 1986: Doug Amey, Peter Hopkins, Brian Cressman