Given to a professional member of CIRA Ontario who possesses a creative, enthusiastic attitude towards intramurals; demonstrates a keen interest and commitment to intramurals and or student leadership though their program; and has a made a definite contribution to CIRA Ontario through their networking and idea sharing.

This Year's Winner

This year's winner is Aviva Rosenberg!

Nomination Form

To nominate someone for this year's Pat Doyle Michelle Harkness Award please download and submit this nomination form:

Previous Winners

2018:  Gord Zubyck
2017: Jenn Wilbee, Beth Vincent
2016: Aviva Rosenberg
2015: Kathy Morrison
2014: Alf Grigg
2013: Dorothy Pizel
2012: Bill Serbin
2011: Herwig Baldauf
2009: Bob Thomas
2005: Carolyn Nixon, Pat Doyle
2002: Karen McQuigge, Rick Turnbull
2001: Frank Erle
2000: Steve Young
1999: Laurie Farquarhson
1998: Christine Preece
1996: Dave Schlei
1994: Gail Osborne
1990: Sharon Bradley
1989: Pat Kitchen