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Leadership Documents

This section contains tons of practical ideas on:

  • General Intramural Ideas
  • Specific Intramural Ideas
  • Elementary School Intramural Ideas
  • High School Intramural Ideas

General Intramurals

►This 7 page article written by John Byl is an extremely helpful resource when planning an effective intramural program. It covers everything from how to promote fair play to how to use student leaders.

►The article Nuts and Bolts takes you through a list of organizational tips of how to start an intramurals program


►This powerpoint created by Andy Raithby is a workshop that explains how to create an intramurals program. Throughout the powerpoint we see a sample of how Andy runs his intramural program at ECMS as well as the great ways CIRA Ontrario can help you as well!

Specific Intramural Ideas

Looking for lots of different ideas about developing student leaders?

CIRA Ontario's "Follow the Leader" resource also has ideas for student leaders. 

Ideas from over 20 different schools for unique game ideas :)

Learning participant names is important. This document explores some fun games to help everyone learn each other's names quickly.

►Intramural Success in 20 Minutes was designed for teachers in the primary, junior and intermediate divisions. This quick and easy guide is full of fresh ideas for innovative andnon-traditional games and activities.

Crazy fun event ideas from over 20 schools.

Over 15 different ways school recognize fun active participation in their students...

►This article contains everything you need to know about how to create your teams for your intramurals program and answers any questions you may have

Here is how ten schools got their staff more involved with intramurals...

Elementary School Intramurals

►Read this document to view a sample of  how Dr. G.J. Public School runs their intramural program!

High School Intramurals

►This 57 page booklet is the workshop used for high schools. The workship uses activities, that explain, primarily through games, the whys and hows of intramural programming.