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Leadership Videos

Organizing Successful Tournaments

Dr. John Byl, author of "Organizing Successful Tournaments, 4th Ed." has put together various videos of how to organize successful tournaments. He also describes in these videos how to use the ancillary tournament templates made available with the purchase of an "Organizing Successful Tournaments" book from the book publisher: Human Kinetics.

View the videos below:


Check out the following videos of games that will help you promote leadership within your program!
  • Five Transition Activities
    • This is not a Bandana (at 0.15)
    • Zen Counting (at 1:12)
    • RPS Splits (at 1:57)
    • Stand Alone (at 3:30)
    • Height Line Up (at 4:24)
  • Four Calming Activities
    • Sleeping Lions (at 0:15)
    • Negotiation (at 1:12)
    • Ying Yang You (at 2:12)
    • Noodle Pass (at 3:06)
  • Five Concluding Activities
    • RPS Scream (at 0:15)
    • RPS Catepillar (at 1:34)
    • ReadySet Shoot (at 2:38)
    • Ten Fingers (at 3:42)
    • First to Five (at 4:44)
  • Never say you've won till you've won video




View over 30 leadership videos using Duct Tape as the main tool. Prepared by Tom Heck

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