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Pool Noddle Volleyball

Pool Noodle Volleyball

By: John Byl

This game is played using pool noodles and balloons.  The objective is to not let any balloons land on your side of the net. Start with 5-10 balloons aside. Players may only hit the balloons with the pool noodle. Once a balloon hits the ground, is hit by another part of a person, or is hit out-of-bounds (regular volleyball court--or could shorten the back line to the attack line) that balloon is pulled from the balloons being hit and counts as a point for the other team. Play for a few minutes and see who has the highest score. Throw the balloons back in and away we go again.

Variations by Bethany DeHaan

  • Lower the net according to age level or height of players. Balloons are a lot hard to hit over a net with height and speed.
  • You could also play that teams start with a certain amount of balloons (team one 3 yellow balloons, team two 3 blue balloons). As each team gets a point (following the rules for points above), another balloon will be rewarded. In this way the game gets crazier and more difficult to keep up with all the balloons. Try it out!

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