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View CIRA Ontario's many different workshop opportunities below

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Active Recess/Playground

Children need great ideas along with equipment that will maximize participation at little or no cost to the already tight budgets that, schools are face with. This workshop will provide the participant with a large variety of games using recycled materials such as plastic bottles, container lids, plastic bags, paper and much more.  With no cost involved, these games are economically friendly and they are environmentally friendly.  Games fit for our difficult times derived from the CIRA resources of “ReplayBarenaked Games and Active Playgrounds .  These games are suitable for all grade levels with the primary objective to have FUN, maximum participation at no costs.

Bang For Your Buck: Games Using Dollar Store Equipment

Learn how to creatively use your local Dollar Store as an equipment room to create inexpensive, fun, and creative games. Because of unusual equipment the most skilled and the least skilled are engaged at a similar level of competence and will all get lost in the laughter and activity of these games.

Workshop based on the book, Bang for Your Buck, for more information click on this link.

Chickens and Oodles of Other Games

Have a fabulous time with your students playing games with rubber chickens, pool noodles, tennis balls, or with your hands in rock, paper, scissors. Play some of the best CIRA Ontario Games from a book John co-authored entitled Chicken and Noodle Games.

Circle Games

Many times when teaching we get into circles; no one is on top or ahead or anything else–we are all at the same level. Now let’s enjoy some physically active and thought provoking games involving circles that will help promote fun active participation for all.

Counting On Fun

Counting on Fun through playing physically active math games. Using our body and mind as we add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Lots of activity. Lots of math. Lots of fun. 

Participants in this workshop will recognize that in physical education classes we have the opportunity to assist in the development of students’ mathematic skills. The games provided will encourage players to use their math skills in “play “. In these games, the activities and challenges provided are specific and essential to ensuring the “math work” be done for the game to be played successfully.

Everybody Move

Come and experience Everybody Move! Daily Vigorous Physical Activity, CIRA Ontario's resource with ideas for getting everyone from kids to seniors moving and loving it every day. The resource comes with a resource book, DVD and a music CD, everything you need to get you started. Enjoy trying out the games,  "funky moves", simple routines to music that can be done by dancers and non-dancers alike and a handful of activity ideas to "try on Monday".

Extra Ordinary Competitive Games.

Come and engage in fun and inclusive variations on traditional games.

Eye of the Storm: Inclement Weather Activities    

"Eye of the Storm" is a resource from CIRA Ontario that helps teachers, lunch supervisors and student leaders deal with the increasing problem of difficult weather. This active workshop will show games that can be played outdoors in rain, snow and heat as well as activities in the gym, classroom or hall when students are forced to stay indoors.

Follow the Leader

Experiential Leadership will reinforce leadership skills such as cooperation, trust building, commitment, responsibility, decision making, and problem solving by allowing participants to actively learn through experiential team-building exercises. The workshop will introduce experiential learning exercises through a variety of challenging activities and is designed for anyone who is developing leaders among children and youth in a school or community setting.

FUNdational Games: Games and Activities that focus on Fundamental Movement Skill

Learning the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) helps students become more comfortable and confident with movement. This will likely increase their chances of being physically active throughout their lives, improving their health. Using FUNdamental games to teach FMS will make the process more engaging and students will be more likely to develop positive attitudes towards physical activity. This is an important step towards leading a healthy, active life. For the purposes of this presentation, I have chosen to focus on following fundamental movement skills: Stability, Locomotor, and Object Manipulation.

Intramural Leadership

Selecting and playing various games that emphasize different leadership characteristics (Respect, Teamwork, Trust, Communication).

For a free 57-page download of this workshop click on this link.

Leadership Through Activities

This is an active session of games used to help leaders organizing intramurals, student council, mentoring, or in other leadership capacities. The games will be used to develop the importance of focused (but not too focused) goals, being creative, promoting joy, playing safe, thinking outside of the box, developing trust, and other key elements of effective leadership.

Organizing Intramurals to Make a Difference

Intramurals offer important benefits to schools. Done with such things as clear visions, effective leadership, safe policies, engaging promotions, recognizable awards, and great tournament and league scheduling, intramurals are sure to be a success. John Byl, authored Intramural Recreation, and also Organizing Successful Tournaments, two books which will be used in this workshop.

Organizing Successful Tournaments

Explore the ins and outs behind great schedules using various tournament types. Also learn how inexpensive software makes great scheduling a matter of minutes. John Byl will take us through his book and software entitled, Organizing Successful Tournaments.

Ready, Set, Relay

Relays, relays, and more relays. Come and experience some great activity and active ideas on the use of relays in your programs.

Replay Using Recycled Materials

Assisting you to engage in fun and safe games that can be used for environmental and ecology units and to promote the green movement. The games are easy to control and don’t cost a lot of money as they all use recycled and reused everyday materials.

Student Leadership Through Active Games

Developing leadership skills in students is important is made both engaging and fun through a variety of active games and challenges.

Tag, You are IT

Tag games are wonderful opportunities for older children to get warmed up for activity and for younger children to play as activities in themselves. Play with traditional tag games and end-to-end tag games such as: Noodle Waddle, Bugs, Toilet Tag, or Ships

Teaching Games for Understanding

With a sample of games from the four areas of TGfU, explore the ins and outs, the simplicity and importance of teaching using this model. Helping students make skill and tactical connections between games.

Teaching Games for Understanding--Invasion Games

Sequentially building game concepts using Invasion games and the TGfU approach. The session will involve active game playing.

Teaching Games for Understanding--Net/Wall Games

This workshop will demonstrate how to sequentially build concepts using Net/Wall Games and the TGfU approach. The session will involve playing active games that will demonstrate the strategies and tactics that connect all net and wall games.  These are transferable ideas that will provide the player with the confidence and competence to engage in a variety of net/wall activities.

Teaching Games for Understanding--Striking and Fielding Games

Sequentially building game concepts using striking/fielding and the TGfU approach. The session will involve active game playing.

Teaching Games for Understanding--Target Games

This workshop will demonstrate how to sequentially build concepts using Target Games and the TGfU approach. The session will involve playing active games that will demonstrate the strategies and tactics that connect all target games. These are transferable ideas that provide the player with the confidence and competence to engage in a variety of target activities.

Teaching Games for Understanding--Via Warm up Games

Leading warmups through the TGfU model.

Teaching GROOVE for Understanding        

Create a healthy school community by engaging your students with dance and movement as a TOOL for learning and to promote physical, cognitive, social and emotional health. ….then use the movements to lead them through games using TGfU to build physical literacy! Come find your inner GROOVE! 

CIRA and The Groove EDGEucation are proud to have joined forces in the creation of a “Teaching Groove for Understanding” resource for teachers. Both organizations have a very similar philosophy and approach when it comes to making physical movement accessible, fun and inclusive for EVERYONE while promoting active participation and team building for all! It seemed like a perfect fit to incorporate The Groove’s holistic, creative and kinesthetic approach to Dance and Movement with CIRA’s fun and engaging TGFU games.

Tick Tock Beat the Clock

Timed challenges that require physical dexterity, concentration, and are a lot of fun to try, and to try and improve on. Great challenges on their own or as part of a play day where participants try to a wide variety of challenges and retry others to see if they can improve their scores. For example, try how long you can keep three balloons in the air :)

Using Your Noodle: Games, Games, and More Games

Learn some slap happy, active, safe, and creative games sure to keep kids (and adults) laughing and active. Inexpensive pool noodles can be used for a variety of games (nearly any game) to assist your younger clients (and the younger hearts of older clients) to let their hair down and get caught up in fun engaging games.

Why Paper and Scissors Rocks

Rock, Paper, Scissors is an amazing tool to help arbitrate conflict and build activity. Teaching students to use Rock, Paper, Scissors as a way of resolving conflict has been a great peace building tool for schools that have used it. Furthermore, and this will be the main content of the workshop, active games like RPS football, stand alone, and RPS HaHa, are active to engage in, fun to do, easy to implement, and require very little equipment. Come and participate in an active workshop of Rock, Paper, Scissors games  as we help children learn various motor skills, movement concepts, enjoy activity, and develop responsible social behavior skills.