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CIRA Ontario Executive Board

The next election year for our Executive Board will be 2021. If you wish to join this amazing organization in a leadership capacity please complete and submit the application form by January 30, 2021. Terms are three years in length. 

If elected, your responsibilities include:


  • Generally supporting, developing, and promoting the work of CIRA Ontario in its mission of promoting fun active participation for all.

  • Attending approximately 4-5 Saturday meetings per year.

  • Assisting and leading intramural workshops as you are able.

  • Assist with, or contribute to, the writing of awesome active resources as you are able.


CIRA Ontario's commitment to you:


  • Generally support you in your personal and professional development.

  • Encourage your professional development.

  • Pay for expenses incurred when attending meetings or some related CIRA Ontario events.

  • Pay you an honorarium for leading workshops, writing, or doing other over-and-above type activities that benefit the work of CIRA Ontario.

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