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CIRA Ontario Timeline

  • Published "Counting On Fun"

  • Published "Eye of the Storm"

  • Published "Teaching GROOVE for Understanding"


  • Published" Nothing But Play" Cards


  • Published TGfU Series (6 resources: Locomotor, Manipulation, Striking & Fielding, Invasion, Net/Wall, and Target)

  • Published "Hoop it Up" Cards


  • Published "Barenaked Games"

  • Published "Tick Tock Beat the Clock"


  • Published "Extraordinary Games"


  • Published Scooters and Hoops

  • "Follow the Leader" published

  • CIRA Ontario Conference at Geneva Park becomes an annual event

  • Implementation of CIRA Ontario Ambassadors


  • "Everybody Moves" Second Version published

  • online INPUT and membership

  • office moved to a new location on Shaver Road in Ancaster

  • "Tag, Tag, and Even More Tag" second edition published

  • "Why Paper and Scissors Rock" second edition published

  • "Recycle" published  "Out of the Box" published

  • CIRA Ontario Conference held at Geneva Park


  • "A Round of Circle Games" published

  • "May Day Play Day" published

  • "Winter Play" published


  • Awarded the Parks and Recreation Ontario Presidential Award on 28 September

  • "Everybody Move" translated to French

  • "Great Games by Great Kids" published

  • "Be the Difference" Conference held at the BMO Learning Centre in Toronto

  • "Chicken and Noodle" Games published

  • "Hoops and Hoopla" published

  • "50 Greeeat Transition Games" published


  • "You’re it… Tag, Tag and more Tag" translated to French

  • “Everything but the Kitchen Sink: Well Maybe” published


  • Name Changed to CIRA Ontario - Promoting Fun, Active Participation for All!

  • CIRA Ontario Conference "Come Alive in 2005" held in May at Georgian College in Barrie

  • Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant concludes with 200 workshops and 9500 teachers, recreation leaders, parents, students, daycare professionals trained

  • "Everybody Move!" released

  • "World's Greatest Dodgeball Games" published


  • "Bang for Your Buck" and "Oodles of Noodles" published

  • Funding secured from Nestle Canada in support of "Active Playgrounds"


  • "Why Paper & Scissors Rock" and "50 Games With 50 Tennis Balls" published


  • CIRA Ontario receives 3 year grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation to promote "Active Playgrounds"

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