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Daily Physical Activity (DPA)

Daily physical activity (DPA) is a critical component of making sure that publicly funded schools in Ontario are healthy places to learn. Studies have shown that when the physical health and well-being of students is supported, their academic achievement improves as well. The Ontario government is committed to ensuring that elementary students have plenty of opportunities and supports to be physically active. The Daily Physical Activity Policy (PPM 138) will ensure that elementary students have a minimum of 20 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each school day.


Source: Ontario Ministry of Education

Children's Race

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Daily Physical Activity (DPA) the CIRA Way


This resource helps you deliver a fun, active DPA program regardless of the student population or facilities. The book contains over 50 game ideas, which your creativity will spin into hundreds more. Games are suited for big spaces, classrooms, and hallways.


for CIRA Ontario members



for non-CIRA Ontario members


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Everybody Move


"Everybody Move! Daily Vigorous Physical Activity" is a resource, DVD and CD in one package. This resource has everything one needs to get everybody moving whether in a small confined space or a large spacious gym. The CD provides the music, the DVD, the demonstrations and the resource book puts everything together.

Sample Videos:

Don't Sit Still

Move Your Body

Ethno Tension Flash Mob


for CIRA Ontario members



for non-CIRA Ontario members


Prices shown include all tax and shipping


Students Who Lose Recess Are the Ones Who Need It Most | The New York Times

Despite overwhelming evidence that periods of unstructured play and social interaction are a crucial part of children’s cognitive, academic, physical and mental wellness, schools continue to take away recess...

Too much math and not enough exercise is hurting our children  |  The Globe and Mail

If we want Canadian children to be overweight, inert and unhealthy throughout their lives, we are doing everything exactly right.

They're driven to school, where they spend six or seven hours in the state of disciplined immobility...


If we want our students’ minds to work efficiently in the classroom, then we must jump-start their bodies in the gym.  That’s the major takeaway from a recent study – The Relation of Childhood Physical Activity to Brain Health, Cognition and Scholastic...

Kids Gone Wild  | SBS.COM.AU

“I sometimes close my eyes, because I know I have to stop something, but I can also stand and watch it a little bit first because I think it’s exciting.”

RAIN, RAIN, YOU’RE OKAY! WE CAN STILL HAVE OUTDOOR PLAY! we bring you 5 things you can do to keep Outdoor Play exciting, even when the weather may not be warm and the skies may not be bright...

Physically active math, spelling lessons multiply academic success

Adding jumping jacks and running on the spot to math and language classes helps students to learn, say Dutch researchers, adding to findings on the benefits of physically active lessons...

The Essential Role of Recess in Children’s School Success and Health  |

Recess is a right, not a privilege According to article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, recess is the right of every child.6 The Journal of Pediatrics even notes that recess is a crucial and necessary component of a child’s development and well-being.


Games to Get Kids Moving (K-3)

Energizers: Classroom-Based Physical Activity

Kids Moving Bingo

Bingo Pour Les Petites

Nutrition Quiz

Nutrition Quiz


Nutrition Quiz


Nutrition Quiz


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