• Youth who participate in out-of school activities or both in-school or out-of-school activities had better socioemotional outcomes, being less likely to have tried smoking, alcohol or marijuana. [1]

  • Provide an opportunity for all students to become a part of a team and physical activity. [2]

  • Students who participate in intramurals are more likely to sign up for health and physical education courses at the secondary level. [3]

  • Provide inclusive and positive sport for all. [4]

  • Helps build self-esteem in students. [5]

  • Increases the level of physical activity in a day for students. [6]

  • Improves the long-term health of students. [7]

  • ​Having programs during lunch hour requires less students to supervise in other areas. [8]

  • Develop student’s physical fitness levels. [9]

  • Enhances good competition. [10]

  • Helps build positive character within students. [11]

  • Great opportunity for leadership outside the classroom. [12]

  • Offers activity where children will have fun! [13]

  • Children are able to develop a positive appreciation for physical activity which may continue at home and outside of school. [14]

  • Can include a diverse range of activities so that all students are included. [15]

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