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CIRA Ontario Executive


Chris is an elementary physical education teacher for the Waterloo Region District School Board with 27 years experience in kindergarten to grade 12. During that time, he was the President of the PhysEd Association and wrote Board Curriculum. He has been a member of CIRA Ontario since his first year of teaching and an executive member for over 10 years. He is also a course director and course coordinator for the Ontario Education Leadership Centre in intermediate athletics programming. Chris has written or co-written 10 resources for CIRA Ontario, including TGFU Invasion Territory Games, Extraordinary Games and DPA the CIRA Way. Chris has run over 150 workshops across Canada and into the United States on fun active participation for all. He has a passion for spirit days and student leadership within the school setting.

Vice-President – Finance

Andy has been an active member of the CIRA executive for over 20 years, and is finishing his teaching career of 34 years, at Erin Centre M.S. in Mississauga. He is also an instructional leader for York in their HPE additional qualifications program, and is a part-time lecturer at Redeemer University College in Hamilton. Andy has authored or co-authored twelve resources for CIRA, including World's Greatest Dodgeball Games, Counting on Sum Fun, Ready Set Relay and A Round of Circle Games. Andy has presented on behalf of CIRA over 300 times and is regarded as an engaging and energetic leader, ready to learn and eager to share.

Executive Member

Robert Matheson teaches elementary physical education at a French immersion school in Eastern Ontario. He has been a member of the Upper Canada District's School Board's Physical Literacy team since it began. He has presented physical education workshops at local, provincial and national conferences. As a member of CIRA's executive, he has co-authored two books on Fundamental Movement Skills and two other CIRA resources. Mr. Matheson has served on two Physical and Health Education Canada committees and piloted some of its resources. He has written material for the Ottawa Senators and Skate Canada online educational programs. He teaches coaches and refs basketball during the winter and teaches tennis during the summer.

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Executive Member

Brenda is a French Immersion and Physical Health Education Specialist in the Durham District School Board, with over 15 years experience in the classroom. A member of the PHE DDSB council, and conference organizer, she has presented workshops at the board, provincial and international level. Brenda was the 2019 CIRA Rising Professional award recipient and is a strong advocate for health and well-being through activity. She brings her passions for social justice and physical activity together to support equity and diversity in the school and community. Growing up as a competitive swimmer, Brenda can often be found in, on or under the water, in the sand or on her bike to get there.

Executive Member

Jeff is an elementary health and physical education teacher for the District School Board of Niagara. He has partnered with PHE Canada and BOKS Kids to review and create resources that help students and teachers. With over 20 years of experience, he is hoping to share some of his passion and knowledge with the CIRA team and other movement specialists.  Jeff is very creative and finds wonderful ways to get his students excited and engaged when it comes to physical activity.  He can be found on Twitter or Youtube, sharing his ideas! 

Executive Member

Ben is an elementary physical education teacher for the Halton District School Board with 11 years experience in kindergarten to Grade 8. He has presented at local conferences and received OPHEA's Young Educator Award in 2014. Ben has also worked at the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre (OELC) in intermediate athletics. He has a passion for intramurals and pickleball

[Board Appointee]

Marlee is an elementary Health and Physical Education teacher in the York Region District School Board with over 10 years experience. Her love for HPE and Healthy Schools has led her to create many opportunities for her students and their families to be physically active and to empower students as leaders. Her work as a PHE Canada mentor helps her contribute to the future of the field, and she has presented many Physical Education and Healthy School workshops at the school, board and provincial levels. Marlee has contributed to several Ophea resources and has worked as an Ophea Healthy Schools Consultant. As a former NCAA Division 1 volleyball and softball player, competitive sports were a large part of her life growing up, but now as a mom, teacher and coach, creating safe and inclusive spaces for all students to succeed and learn about the joys and benefits of physical activity is her passion.


Peter is an elementary physical education teacher for the Halton District School Board with 25 years experience in kindergarten to grade 10. During that time, he has been recognized for his contributions to education with the OASPHE Advocacy Award for Teacher Leadership and the Syl Apps Volunteer Achievement award in 2013. Peter is President of the Mountain Volleyball Club and Vice-president of the Hamilton Beach Volleyball Club and has been coaching club volleyball for the past 15 years. He was recognized by the Ontario Volleyball Association this season receiving the OVA Developmental Coach of the year. In addition Peter volunteers his time as a Rep Coach with the Burlington Force Basketall Club. He is also a course director for the Ontario Education Leadership Centre (OELC) in intermediate athletics for the past 20 years. Peter has a strong passion for empowering students to believe in themselves and lead by example. Peter co-wrote the TGFU Invasion Territory Games for CIRA Ontario, and has run several workshops for CIRA over the past several years.


Kirstin has been an elementary HPE teacher in the Peel District School Board for  over 15 years.  In 2002, Kirstin received Peel’s Award of Excellence for outstanding contributions to public education.  Kirstin holds a Bachelor of Physical Education and a Master of Arts in Psychology of Sport.  Kirstin is passionate about helping children to lead active, healthy lives and provides many opportunities for her students to engage in physical activities both at school and in the community.  She was the coordinator of Morton Way Public School’s “Walk and Roll” program which won the International Walk to School Award in 2005.  Kirstin has contributed to the writing of several CIRA Ontario resources and is the co-author of "Perfect Practice: Learn to Play" Functional Fitness Charts produced by Thompson Educational Publishing. She is a regular workshop presenter.  As an alpine ski coach, Kirstin has been involved in dryland and on-snow training for over 30 years. In the last 10 years, Kirstin has developed a passion for long-distance running and has completed many half and full marathons, including the Boston Marathon with her husband and son.

Executive Member

David Inglis is a Health and Physical Education teacher at H.B. Beal SS and former Learning Co-ordinator for Health and Physical Education in the Thames Valley District School Board. He has been a teacher, department head, athletic director, coach and intramural advocate for 32 years. David presently serves as an active member of the Canadian Intramural and Recreation Association (CIRA), and is an active member of the Ontario Association for the Support of Physical and Health Educators, presently serving as co-President.  David is also a member of Ophea’s Curriculum Advisory Committee and has contributed to the development of the 2015 secondary health and physical education curriculum. David has a passion for physical activity, health and physical eductation curriculum development and engaging staff and students in all types of play.  

Executive Member

Kim Gilhespy is a proud Physical and Health Education teacher with 15 years experience teaching kindergarten to grade 8. She enthusiastically merges this area of specialization with her background in Recreation to provide creative, dynamic, and meaningful lessons and activities to her students. She has a passion for student leadership and is a Course Director at the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre that focuses on this concept. Kim is the winner of the 2020 CIRA Ontario Rising Professional Award and the 2019 Waterloo Distinguished Teacher Award, is a 2020 PHE Canada Champion of the Month, a WRDSB 2020 Champion, and was featured by OPHEA Canada in 2021. She has been recognized by CIRA Ontario and PHE Canada for distinguished programming. Kim has presented virtually for PHE Canada and in person at the CIRA Ontario Conference, OELC, Laurier Faculty of Education, WRDSB, and Clemens Mill Public School. She has developed a renowned sensory pathway, established noteworthy wellness gardens, and has fostered staff and student wellness for many years. She is currently writing her first resource about Team Building.

[Board Appointee]

Dan Vigliatore is a Health & Physical Education teacher with 18 years of experience with TCDSB. He is also an H.P.E Consultant with OPHEA Canada and a PHE Canada Mentor. Daniele graduated from York University with a Specialized Honours Degree in Kinesiology and Health Science and now is an Instructional Leader with York University Professional Learning and provides Additional Qualification courses in Health & Physical Education. He is a believer in student-centered learning where inquiry and discovery spark the imaginations of young students. Dan wants to empower educators & students to set goals and achieve more in Health & PE.

Anna Bishop-Gaylord
Office Manager

Anna is here to help you with all things CIRA-related. You can contact Anna using the Contact us link located throughout the website. 

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