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History of CIRA Ontario

The Ontario Intramural Recreation Association (OIRA) began as a gathering of 19 Intramural Directors attending a workshop at Geneva Park in 1969. From these humble beginnings, the networking concept flourished and expanded during the 1970's. In 1977, the Canadian Intramural Recreation Association was formed at the national level. The tremendous growth in the organization dictated that a more formal structure was necessary at the provincial level. Thus, in 1981, the Ontario Intramural Recreation Association was formally constituted with a constitution and bylaws.


OIRA continued to flourish and grow throughout the 1980's. The Association's newsletter was started in 1981 with funding from Labatt's Breweries. In 1984, OIRA changed the newsletter's image to the "INPUT" with the financial support of Fitness Ontario.


On April 24, 1989 at the OIRA Annual General Meeting, members voted in favour of a national movement to change the name of the Ontario Intramural Recreation Association to Canadian Intramural Recreation Association of Ontario (commonly known as CIRA Ontario), including the name of the parent organization in their individual identification.


In August of 1991, a part-time Executive Assistant was hired to service the needs of the membership. The position was funded through Base Grant monies provided by the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation. At the same time, an office was established in Hamilton, ON, at Mohawk College.

In the Spring of 2010 we moved to our office on Shaver Road in Ancaster.

In the fall of 2018 we relocated to Redeemer University College in Hamilton/Ancaster.

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