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CIRA Conference

Check out the amazing CIRA 2015 Conference this past April by clicking on the Conference Newsletter below!

Time till 2016 CIRA Ontario Conference


Great Stories

MOVE+LIVE+LEARN: Pondering Potential, by Amanda Stanec

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Mom: What do I expect from children's elementary school? Certainly not this.

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Play 'boosts children development and happiness'

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Teach Like Everyone is Watching - Scott McDowell, Bozeman, MT

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School successfully went to four recesses

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20 Reasons Why Kids Deserve an Active Childhood

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Everyone in the Game

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Recent game additions

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Corn Pops/Fruit Loops

Taggers want to fill up the cereal bowls, non-taggers want to prevent the cereal bowls from being filled up!

For more information on this game click on this link.

Kings Court Dodgeball With Hoops

Video footage of this well-loved dodgeball in action below!

Check out the game description here.

Check out the game in action here.


Kangaroo Tag

If you're feeling like a kangaroo today, check out the game "Kangaroo Tag"!

Click on the this link to find out how to play.

Lobster or Crab Tag

Have some broken hula hoops around? Don't throw them out - you can use them in this creative version of tag! 


Click on this link for the game description.

Click on this link for the game in action. 


Check out our Latest Book

Cover of games card set entitled Nothing But Play

Cover of games card set entitled Nothing But Play

No Equipment? No Problem!


This package of over 50 easy to use cards explains fun games using no equipment. Cost is only $10 a set (or $5 each if you purchase 100+ copies--contact if interested in ordering large quantities).


To view the contents and some samples from this book click on this link