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Today's weather can be very unpredictable and can change rapidly. Always ensure your participants have access to shelter if required, and have a back-up plan and emergency plan in place in case of bad weather. 

The following additional resources are provided for your convenience in learning more about weather.


Seasonal Weather Hazards |

Information on severe weather types, weather alerts, and advice on how to stay safe and prepared for spring, summer, fall and winter.

Seven steps to cold weather safety |

Winter weather has arrived in much of the country. Do you know the signs of hypothermia, and what to do if you get frostbite? Read on to make sure you're ready for cold weather!.

Hazards and Emergencies | get

Across Canada, we face a number of natural hazards, which can vary from region to region. Knowing what to do is an important part of being prepared. Find out about risks in your region and how to prepare for different situations.

Tornadoes in Canada: Expert debunks common myths | The Weather Network

There are a few common myths and misconceptions about tornadoes in Canada, as well as the correct information and the preparedness steps that may help save your life.

10 Cold Weather Safety Tips for Kids | Reader's Digest

The season you either love — or love to hate — is in full swing. Whether you’re out and about with your family braving the elements, or getting cozy at home, don’t let cold-weather fun snowball into a safety hazard. Keep your kids protected with these tips.

Weather Games | Weather Whiz Kids

Games and activities all related to weather for a wide variety of age groups.

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